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Come with me on an adventure through writing, cats, cosplay and whatever else catches my eye. And, who knows, perhaps we’ll meet a dragon or two along the way.

Where do you come up with those names?

My second book is almost ready for release and with it will come more names that make people ask me, “You named your character WHAT?” Maybe I can explain. You see, I have this thing for words and names. Maybe it’s because I so dislike my given name, sorry to anyone...

My Writing Process – The Blog Tour

I am happy to have been invited to join the Writing Process Blog Tour by my friend and fellow writer, Jeremy Lee James. Jeremy is one kick-ass writer and his current book, I, JEQUON: PART ONE OF THE NEPHILIM CHRONICLES, is one raw-edged, no holds barred urban...

From Dream to Reality, almost…

I do not normally relish reality, I would much rather live in a world filled with dragons and elves and hobbits and dwarves and whatever other fantastical beings I can conjure. However, maybe just this once, I will let reality rule.


Hello and welcome to my blog.

This is actually my second go around at blogging. My first foray into this world was several years ago on a business trip to Japan. Scary that it is still there. This one will be less subject specific but hopefully just as enjoyable.

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Good vs Evil in a World of Fantasy

I had the opportunity to read “Awakening Powers” and author's first book is a must read for naysayers of fantasy genre!
WOW – was I glad for the chance to read this book. Never being a fantasy reader, “Awakening Powers” is a fantasy alright and with every word I read, my mind just took me to a land that I could make real in my head.
The descriptions of the mythical characters and idyllic land they inhabited were all so new for me & I caught myself wrapped up in them.
The book is one of three the author promises to write and I can only say, I cannot wait for the entire trilogy to finally answer my many questions!
Bottom line? If you are not a fantasy reader now, YOU WILL BE once you read the book about a magical world and characters dot has shared with all of us. ENJOY…..

Janet O’Neil

The Power of Love in a Magical World

Fantasy readers who love magic will enjoy the world and the many creatures the author has skillfully created in this first book. Believable life lessons abound, along with a chance to escape to a magical place.

Indy Quillen

Great Story

Not usually my genre but it was fascinating, glad I gave it a try. Now I can't wait for the next book. Exciting from the first few pages. Kept me turning until the end. It was over too soon didn't see it coming.



Hard to believe this is the authors first novel. I am not normally a fantasy fan but this book grabs you immediately and holds you to the last page causing you to want for more. The first of a trilogy. Can't wait for the next installment. Great job Ms Caffrey!

Frank Towers

Great Beginning!

I am a big fan of Fantasy and Science Fiction. This is a great start to what will be a classic trilogy. I hope Ms. Caffrey is well on her way to writing the next installment. I can't wait for the next one.

Barry Ethridge

Fabulous New Fantasy World by first time author!!

If you love to read fantasy about intriguing characters, living in a fascinatingly unique realm, from a remarkably imaginative new author, this book is for you. I can't wait for Book Two to find out how soul bound lovers Regnaryn and Graeden join their new-found powers to combat the evil "Master" who threatens their families and their world. The realm this first time author, Dot Caffrey, has created has so many surprising possibilities, I can't wait to see where she takes her readers next!! It's a must read for fans who enjoy stories by Mercedes Lackey, Andre Norton, Terry Brooks, Anne McCaffrey and other great fantasy authors. I highly recommend this book even if you have never read fantasy before!!

Linda K

Captivating Journey

A captivating story of two young souls, thrust onto a journey of mystical discovery, budding romance, and at times pure terror. Vivid characters both intriguing and fun, cast in a mystical world with strange inhabitants. Can't wait to continue the journey in the 2nd book and learn how our young heroes and cast of friends fair against the ever imposing evil Master. Good versus evil at it's best!!

Craig Berendt